Grandpa didn't read Twilight.

Men. All Man. Man’s Action. For Men Only. Male. Gusto. Untamed. Man’s Life. Sir! Magazines for men, remembered for their vivid, lurid covers depicting bare-chested, all-American he-men in close combat with sneering Nazis, savage island natives, wild beasts and even wilder women.

 Postwar successors of the classic pulps of the 1930s, the “men’s adventure magazines” of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s left no male fantasy or interest unexplored. For three decades, the nation’s newsstands heaved with “true, first hand” accounts of frontline battlefield action, white- knuckle clashes between man and beast, and spicy tales of sadistic frauleins, cunning dragon ladies and tropical she-goddesses hungry for companionship. Plus salacious—if mostly bogus—exposés of then- shocking subjects like free love, the Beat Generation, homosexuality, LSD and the secret horniness hidden in calypso lyrics.

The magazines served as a literary boot camp that paid by the story, where future legends Lawrence Block, Mario Puzo, Bruce Jay Friedman, Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg, Robert F. Dorr and others made their bones (and paid the rent) writing some of the wildest “true” tales ever pressed on pulp—almost all of which have remained unavailable and unseen for decades.

Together with Josh Alan Friedman (Black Cracker) and Wyatt Doyle (Stop Requested), collector and historian Robert Deis of offers a guided safari of the jaw-dropping best of men’s adventure magazine writing by its greatest practitioners, while new essays and vintage interviews illuminate the mags’ forgotten place in the pop culture pantheon. Packed with sensational illustrations by masters of pulp art and supplemented by outrageous, over-the-top advertising of the era, Weasels Ripped My Flesh! is your paperback passport to a simpler time, when every dame was a femme fatale and real men fought small mammals bare-handed.

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Featured Authors

  • Lawrence Block

    One of the most prolific and acclaimed crime and mystery novelists in the world, Lawrence Block has penned more than […]

    Jane Dolinger

    Jane Dolinger is one of the most interesting women associated with men’s adventure and bachelor magazines of the 1950s and […]

    Robert F. Dorr

    One of America’s top military aviation historians, Robert F. Dorr has written more than 70 books; most recently, three critically-acclaimed […]

    Harlan Ellison

    A versatile talent, Harlan Ellison is known for his work as a writer, scenarist for film and television, essayist, critic, […]

    Bruce Jay Friedman

    Bruce Jay Friedman is often cited as the writer who coined modern-day Black Humor … who invented the Jewish Mother […]

    Walter Kaylin

    The “writer’s writer” of men’s adventure magazines, the late Walter Kaylin is one of the grand masters of men’s adventure […]

    Ken Krippene

    Veteran author and Hollywood scriptwriter Ken Krippene’s travel and adventure stories appeared in major magazines like National Geographic, True and […]

    Mario Puzo

    The entire genre of the Mafia in books, movies and its countless cultural spinoffs, from video games to pizza chains, […]

    Robert Silverberg

    Writing professionally since 1955, Robert Silverberg has written enough stories and books to fill several normal writing careers. In fact, […]

    Walter Wager

    Born in 1924, Walter Wager’s career took him from being a Fulbright Fellow at the Sorbonne in Paris to becoming […]

    Robert Deis

    In his younger days, Robert Deis explored various options for making a living. Among other things, he worked as a […]

    Josh Alan Friedman

    Musician and writer Josh Alan Friedman began his writing career as a journalist, making Old Times Square his beat in […]

    Wyatt Doyle

    Wyatt Doyle is a writer, photographer, filmmaker and publisher. Co-founder of New Texture, he launched their publishing imprint in 2006. […]